First Things First

July 11, 2007

This blog is about my singing. I love to sing. I used to sing a lot a long time ago and I gave it up. It haunted me for a long time and I finally started it back up about 5 years ago. I started out singing with smaller community choirs. When I first started, I couldn’t hit the notes I used to and it really scared me. Then I learned that the voice is just like a muscle and if you don’t work it out, you’ll lose it. But the good news is that you can get it back. I have a 3+ octave range now and it’s getter bigger and better every day.

I dedicate this blog to singers of all kinds, everywhere. Singing, to me, is the most beautiful of all music as it is made so directly with the body, and comes so closely from the heart, when it’s done right. It’s that kind of singing that answers so perfectly to the pain or the joy in your soul, it’s why you’ll play that song 152 times over and over in those times when only a song can heal your broken heart.

The title of this blog is a reference to a song by an incredible singer/songwriter, Shelby Lynne, who I hope will continue to write music as good as what she did on the I Am Shelby Lynne album. That album got me through a very painful time in my life, and I am eternally grateful to Miss Lynne for that.

Anyway, if you’re singer too, or one of them crazy artist freaks, or someone who just likes to chat… well then pull up a chair and let’s see what we can come up with, whaddya say?


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