July 12, 2007

I have a lesson with a new teacher today. This is a big deal in many ways as I fired my previous teacher on Tuesday. I stumbled on the new teacher’s ad on a local message board and he seems to be everything I am looking for, and all that I am not. I am hopeful.

I am coming off of 4 months with the other teacher which was an experience I will not soon forget. Before I realized what was really happening, I was completely sucked into this man’s game. I should mention first and foremost that he is very, very handsome and has what appears to be an exceptionally sweet personality, at least when you first meet him, on top of his skills as a singer and teacher. He knows he has these qualities and uses them to the utmost.

It started with him blatantly checking me out and making comments on my appearance at our very first lesson. It continued with a lot more remarks, him giving me ‘hugs and kisses’ after lessons, lots of emotional stroking during some lessons, even bordering on outright flirtation, only to turn around at the following lesson and treat me with distance, coldness and boredom. He ate during our lessons, which is considered to be highly, highly unprofessional [along with the kissing and physical contact] and while he is a very good singer and clearly knows what he’s doing… come Monday night, enough was enough for me.

I’m not sure exactly what did it… but I suddenly awoke from the dream I was in with him. His seductive ways had completely sucked me in, but on Monday, something snapped in me. I called the school where I was taking lessons, paid for the last one and canceled all the others. I have not heard from either him or the school, and I don’t think I’m going to. I realized just how sucked into his game I had been when I found myself daydreaming of how shocked, hurt and surprised when he learned that I, his star pupil, the one who was really getting his bel canto technique, suddenly disappeared.

I can picture what his reaction most likely will be: ah, her… yeah, well… she’s never going to make it anyway. Nice rack but… the bel canto was probably too much for her, no one really wants to make the effort to really learn how to sing any more… next!

No baby, it is I who have nexted you! If you only knew…


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