I Love The Difficult Questions Most

July 20, 2007

Lesson #2 today. She seemed moody when I arrived. The husband was exiting the bathroom when I arrived, and making it over to their second apartment. My teacher lives, with her husband, in what I call Opera Row, a small group of apartments on a palm tree-lined street that feels oh-so-Hollywood. It’s basically in Latino Central of a very Latino town, a little divey and the palm trees are an odd accoutrement to the whole scene. Add in various singers, trilling and crescendoing in and out of hearing range as you approach the building, and you have a rather charming little scene for voice lessons. Let’s just say, I’m digging it.

I am curious about their relationship. Two professional opera singers, married. Do they compete? Do they correct each other’s coloratura and tessatura? What if one gets all the roles, and the other one doesn’t? What if one’s career hits the skids? Opera singers have been known to do dramatic things, you’ve got to wonder how they handle it.

I told them about the slippery behavior of the other teacher. I needed some perspective and I got it. I am hoping it didn’t introduce any suspicious thoughts, like me hitting on her man, or anything. Not sure why my mind jumps to that as a possibility for what was going on today, but well… it did. He’s hit-worthy, but homey ain’t playin’ that, etc. I’ve had enough vocal drama to last me quite some time, thank you.

I sensed something as I was walking in today though. Something… off? Hard to say. Who knows what it was. If it was anything, I’m sure I’ll find out soon. Oh joy.

Other than that, the lesson was good. I asked her difficult questions today. I asked her to repeat what she said about me singing opera. And the verdict is this:

• Singing in the chorus: oh, most definitely

• Singing small roles: very good to excellent chance. And she fucking *called* the artistic director of ABC Opera already and told them about me. I forgot to kiss her for that today, but I should have. I may have an audition with him in the fall. I will definitely keep y’all informed about that one.

• Beyond small roles: here’s where I got out my Texas-sized balls, folks, and asked her the big question: can I go farther? The answer: She doesn’t know yet. She needs to hear me sing more, she needs to hear how I treat an aria. Holy fucking shit, I can’t even believe I asked her that. Mind you, this does *not* mean I’m heading to the Met anytime soon. Most likely never. But singing in smaller venues, perhaps in leading or supporting leading roles… it would appear, my friends, that this might not be entirely pie-in-the-sky thinking on my part. But there’s a shitload of work to do before I’ll know that. So for now, no more ballsy questions, just my nose to the grindstone and all that.

I apologized to her for being so audacious, and she said I didn’t need to do that. Ain’t she nice? Did I tell you that I like her?

My teacher has a phenomenal voice. Beautiful. I want to sing just like her. Can I be you when I grow up? Clearly, she is much, much, much better for me than Blackbeard and his head games.

And since I’m on the subject of Blackbeard, and I mentioned finding some nuggets in my research: let me just tell you all now that I have seen BLACKBEARD’S ASS. And I didn’t even have to sleep with him, go figure!

How is this possible, you ask? Apparently, Blackbeard’s modeling stints have ventured into the ‘fine art/nudes’ category. Yes, my friends, Blackbeard will take it off if you pay him enough.

I can only imagine the mind-fucking he was pulling during THAT photo shoot. Cuz if there’s one thing he’s good at [and mind you, it’s possible this is the ONLY thing he’s good at], it’s mind-fucking.

Someone from the school where I was studying with him called me today. No message. Was it him? Who the fuck cares. I may rendezvous with him this weekend, just to kind of wrap things up. I’ll surely write about that if I do.


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