Where I’ve Been and What I’m Doing

September 21, 2007

Item #1: Where have I been for the last almost 2 months:

We took a 5 (yes, five!) week vacation in France and Italy. It was heaven and hell and it was too long. I thought being married to a European, I would just love being away from mon petit confort, for an extended period of time, all European-like, you dig me…. all wrong.

It was still awesome though. The last 9 nine days in Rome we rented an apartment that was 3 blocks from the Coliseum. Imagine popping outside your door for yet another incredible Italian meal only to be visually serenaded with remnants of what is most probably one of the greatest civilizations that has ever lived. How’s that for an appetizer, folks?

Item #2: What am I doing now?

I’m recuperating from a nasty, nasty sinus infection that I seriously thought was going to kill me. This time, I ran very quickly to Il Dottore and got me some meds. Doing much better, but still very tired.

No singing for a while, but if well enough, will see my first opera this weekend starring none other than La Dolce herself, my wonderful new coach. Can’t wait to get back to working with her.

We have 2000 pictures that we took from our va-cay. If WordPress had a better interface and I wasn’t so lazy sick, I’d post a few. Maybe I’ll get motivated. If you really want to see them, email me and I’ll send ya’ a link.

Ciao, babies!


One comment

  1. I was wondering where you were! Wow, 5 weeks, that is a long time to be away. Glad you’re back but I’m sorry you’re sick, I was sick for a solid six weeks last month so I feel your pain. I’d love to see the pics.

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