May 21, 2008

My screenwriting class continues to go well. I’ve been forced to write an outline, a character arc for my protagonist, and this is of course, is forcing me to start making sense of the scenes that flash around in my head as I daydream about this movie I’d like to write. I now have about 12 pages written total, and couple of sequences that are working really well. It’s a good start.

I’m finding screenwriting is a little bit messy for me. I write scenes that I don’t know will ever show up in the end product. I struggle to weave plot lines in a way that I know will hook and hold a viewer. It’s hard.

Note to self: you are new at this. Give yerself a frickin’ break, yes?

I am having fun though, and seeing my story come to life is a thrill that holds unexpected pleasure, quite a lot of it.

It’s certainly too soon to tell, but would I want to really go for this? I think I would. I really do like it. Just what the world needs, huh? Whoops, there’s that evil green monster, The Voice of Doubt and Uncertainty, trying to rain on my parade again. Get lost, will ya’ buddy? In a permanent way, if you can.

* * *

On the music front, I’ve been singing with a Scottish chap. It’s good and bad. He writes beautiful songs that need work. I convinced him to let me help him edit one song, but I think it’s bugging him. So I don’t know, I might move on. I wish I could decide which one I like better. Sometimes I think I have a nice voice, but maybe nothing spectacular, so why bother? Or maybe, I just really should stop attaching any outcomes to it, and just do it for fun. Because when I can let go and do that, and stop thinking every minute that I have to be a world famous rock star singer or it doesn’t count… then I actually have a really good time.

* * *

I’m getting back into shape. Dropping the salsa class was definitely the right move, but hard on the waistline. But this week I finally started to see my former waist to hip ratio. It’s a lot harder to stay in shape at 43, let me tell you. 5 workouts a week are mandatory. No exceptions. But I just keep saying to myself, if them Hollywood bitches can do it, so can I. Doesn’t hurt that my new dance classes are killer.

* * *

I’ve come to the realization — and I’m really okay with the truth of this — that if I am ever to come into big fat gobs of money, I will not spend it on outrageous consumption of material goods. No, I won’t do that… but I sure as hell will hire a Maid, a Cook and some grunt to do all the crap I don’t ever want to do again like drycleaning, repairing my shoes and paying my bills.

This is what I think about when I’m folding laundry and would rather be writing or singing. Sigh.


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